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Our Wireless Refuge EVC

On account of the Regulatory Reform Order (Fire safety law) (otherwise known as the RRO) & current building regulations and of course part of the Disabled Discrimination Act (DDA) 2004, it’s now part of fire safety law to provide a safe means of refuge for disabled persons in the event of a fire or emergency.

In essence, any non – domestic building with more than one storey should now provide a means of refuge for any person who cannot easily use fire escapes, lifts & stairs during an emergency. The regulations also states that an effective two way communication system must be fitted for these refuge areas.

Wireless Disabled Refuge System

An EVC (emergency voice communication) (sometimes called a ‘Disabled Refuge System’ allows firefighters and others to communicate with one another during such emergency situations. The system will also allow for communication with disabled persons. It’s a system that enables voice communication (in both directions) between a central control point /number of other points throughout a building or building complex – in particular under the direction of management of firefighters.

Our Wireless Refuge EVC system is a reliable secure system for effectively managing emergency voice communications between disabled refuge locations and the master panel in line with the requirements of BS5839-9(2011).

Easy Install

Many new buildings will have these typically systems “cabled in” as part of their infrastructure. However, for older properties this can work out to be an expensive proposition and almost prohibitive on say listed buildings or other types of establishment where disruption is unacceptable. Hard wired refuge systems potentially requires hundreds of metres of expensive fire resistant cabling along with the associated disruptive man-hours and potential ‘surprises’ in order to fulfil the work and safely.


Consider then the advantages of not necessarily having to consider evacuation “building by building”, but of picking and selecting the most vulnerable individuals / locations that best suit your site, building or campus. Wireless Refuge EVC will save you time and money. Even on say new builds, the system can be fitted at the end of everyone else’s equipment has been installed. This helps you avoid the disruption and delays caused by waiting on other contractors.

Feature Spotlight
Avoid Costly & Disruptive Cabling

Key Features & Advantages

  • Two Way Speech and Data Communication to the EVC Master Panel &/or Master Handset

  • The System is Fully Monitored and Battery Backed  With the Requirements of BS5839-9 (2011)

  • Our Multiline Visual Display Allows for Detailed Unit Specific Fault and Call Logging

  • Our Master Panel Can Handle from 1-40 Outstations Without any Upgrades Being Required

  • It’s also Capable of Both Being Always On and Normally Dormant with Activation By The Fire Alarm

  • No Wiring Between Outstations and Master Station is Required

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System Components:

Wireless Refuge Emergency Voice Evacuation Systems

Key Features:
– Two way speech and data communication to the EVC Master Panel and/or Master Handset.
– Fully monitored and battery backed in line with the requirements of BS5839-9 (2011)
– Multiline visual display allows for detailed unit specific fault and call log.
– Master panel can handle from 1-40 outstations without upgrade.
– Capable of both always on and normally dormant with activation by the fire alarm.
– No wiring between outstations and master station

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