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Locating Solutions for Nurses

When Time is critical

Have you spent lots of time searching for your colleagues in your place of work? Do you spend time calling around to locate a consultant? How much time has all of this activity taken you? Our assertion is that you have better things to do with your time. With our RTLS technology, you can put a stop to this wasted time.

Our Technology & Process of Deployment

Our Local Positioning System provides real-time tracking of staff and if required patients too. This then enables immediate pinpointing of their exact location – right down to their room and even exit position.

The technology uses revolutionary IRFID triple technology that combines a IR, RF (UHF), and LF (RF low frequency transponder) signals. This ultra-safe triple technology combination is at the heart of what makes our solution so powerful and secure for applications where people are looking for a robust, safe and reliable solution.

Each of the signalling technologies plays its part. The exact room location precision of IR, the vast range and constant communication of RF and the local positioning sensitivity of LF all make a scalable, powerful and cost effective tracking and identification solution that will start producing a return on investment quickly.

The tag’s location can then be displayed on either a graphical display (complete with a useful search box) or in the form of a more conventional ‘list’.  We have a wide variety of fields that can be customised. Fields include for example the name of the staff member, role title, the tag’s ID and last known location.

Security Feature – Escorting

By strategically adding LF wall mounting units on all exits, the system is able to identify if an authorised person is escorting the patient out of the exit. A member of staff wearing the ELPAS staff tags are then accepted by the system as authorised to leave the monitored zone with patients – without activating an alarm.  For audit purposes, be assured that all such escort activities are automatically captured in the EIRIS database to be referred to at a later time.


Clinical and security managers alike will appreciate our reports feature which will enable users to produce both real time status reports but also for retrospective historical analysis too.

Patient Flow

So much of good practice in healthcare relies on the timely flow of patients through a hospital or treatment centre.
Elements such as room turnover times, wait times, operating durations and overall length of stay overall length of stay are all vital to understand for better patient outcomes and a more efficient workflow.

By providing this location awareness in addition to real time patient status, average wait times for each stage of the patient’s journey will be reduced. Examples include testing, medications, the wait for feedback. All care staff will need to do is glance at an easy to understand digital whiteboard be aware of how long each stage of care is taking.  Costs will decrease and each stage will become seamless. Ultimately though – the real benefit will be that it will improve patient satisfaction and their levels of care.

Auto Alerts, Prompts and Reminders

When you’re stressed and short staffed, things often get missed. Simple alerts can be set up to alert you of specific events or ‘milestones’ having been passed. These could include a patient moving through to the next care stage, arriving at the waiting room (perhaps triggering a call for porters to go the waiting room), automation of room status updates and issuing bedroom cleaning requests

HL7 ADT Integration

The Elpas’ HL7 interface can update it’s internal database on receipt of ADT (Admit, Discharge, Transfer) events from a Hospital’s management system. This interface will avoid duplicate entry and will allow staff to continue to work with a single information system.

Need Financial Justification?

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Feature Spotlight
List or Map View Corridor Screens

Key Features

  • Reduce Wasted Time Searching for Staff

  • Locate Colleagues Quickly

  • Dramatically Reduce Phone Calls

  • Increase Staff Satisfaction

  • Optional Patient Flow Facility with Rules

  • Know Average Wait Times

  • Identify and Reduce Bottlenecks

  • Great Historical Analysis Tools

  • Auto Alerts

Real Time Location Software – Map View

Key Features:
– Graphical view of staff and/or assets for your premises
This automatically updated electronic whiteboard, requires
no manual data entry
– Know at a glance the location of your staff and assets
– Search Box facility

Real Time Location Software – List View

Key Features:
– This automatically updated electronic whiteboard, requires
no manual data entry
– Know at a glance the location of your staff and assets
– Search Box facility
– Self Documenting – Zero Guesswork
– Eliminate wasted time search for colleagues and items

Real Time Location LF Beacon (Centrak-Elpas)

The LF Beacon is a wall or ceiling mountable low frequency emitter for use in indoor building environments. The device provides Elpas RTLS solutions with immediate location awareness that a tagged asset or person has passed through a protected doorway or a specific entrance/exit area.
The LF Beacon emits a programmable field up to 4.5m/ 14.7ft in radius and can be deployed in a primary–secondary configuration for covering double-doors or indoor lobby areas.

Real Time Location Elpas-RF-IP-Location-Reader (Centrak-Elpas)

The Elpas RF IP Reader is a fully supervised; 433.92MHz indoor, zone-level RTLS receiver that detects and relays ‘Location’ and ‘State’ data from Elpas Active RFID Tags to a host RTLS application server. Available in ceiling or wall mounted configurations, the Reader supports: XML messaging for hardware level integration and bi-directional data transmission with up to fifteen Elpas fixed infrastructure devices.

Real Time Location Beacon IR Reader (Centrak-Elpas)

The Elpas IR Reader is a fully supervised, indoor RTLS receiver that detects and relays ‘Room-Level Location’ and ‘Device State’ data from Elpas Active IR-Enabled RFID Tags to a host RTLS application server.
Available in Ethernet or RS-485 BUS configurations, the IR Reader supports: XML messaging technology for hardware level system integration and RTLS data transmission with up to fifteen Elpas fixed infrastructure devices.

Eiris Software (Centrak-Elpas)

Key Features:
– Alarming, Tracking, I/O, Access Control, CCTV
– Network Configuration, Reports
– Client/Server (Directed Alarms)
– Paging, SMS, Email Messaging, Dynamic Maps
– Arm/Disarm and Tag Activation
– Tag Matching and Escort, Synchronisation with Controllers
– SDK, Temperature Monitoring

Active RFID Tag – Nurse & Doctor Badges (Midmark)

Key Features:
– Designed with Safe & Efficient Healthcare Establishments
– These portable units transmit their location in real time to ceiling receivers
– The wearer’s ID can be affixed.
– An integral staff attack button is also included
– Long Life Batteries
– Low Battery Indication

Active RFID Tag – Lone Worker (Centrak-Elpas)

Key Features:
– Small unobtrusive mobile alarm units
– Fall detection, ripcord and button-push call options
– Long battery life, no charging needed
– Event location included in alert message
– Intelligent alert routing reduces response time
– Real time monitoring and logging
– Integrates with CCTV and access control

Active RFID Asset Tag (Midmark)

Key Features:
– By utilising small, lightweight tags affixed to assets, the vital location
of equipment is constantly updated in real time
– This information can be displayed on a PC with our software
– Unique identification number
– Message if battery is low
– Integrated motion sensor for longer battery life: Radio signal and infrared signal every 120 s when idle. Radio signal every 120 s, infrared signal every 3 s when moving

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