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How Does our Infant Tagging System Work?

At birth, our RFID Baby Tag (Also known as ‘Charm’) is attached securely to the baby’s ankle. It employs ultra-secure technology to transmit a unique ID to a local network of ceiling / wall mounted readers to track its location.

Elpas Infant Protection Charm

The Elpas Infant Protection Tagging Charm is a small, baby friendly, Active & Ultra Safe RFID Tracking Tag that provides wireless security and mother-baby mismatch deterrence from the time of birth until discharge. It’s key advantages are that it is disposable, size-adjustable, comes complete with a tamper-resistant hypo-allergenic band, includes anti-tamper facility, includes an inner cushion is soft & comfortable and creates an impression. It can also deliver verification that no inadvertent baby switch has taken place

Near Exit Alerts

An unauthorised movement beyond or within a designated field will trigger alarms and notify staff. In addition, exit would normally be automatically locked. In respect of the technology, a Low Frequency (LF) receiver within the tag works in conjunction with an LF exciter to create an alert if any tag nears an exit. If required, the tag can also employ infra-red (IR) transmission for more granular room-level detection.

Intuitive & Easy to Operate Software

One of the features that maternity managers most appreciate about our system is the ease with which they can control the basic functions. As an illustration of how easy it is to use the system, here’s a typical sequence of events:

  1. Select your chosen Charm tag from the list
  2. Assign the Charm a Name/Number
  3. Select Charm State – Activate – Discharge – Suspend
  4. Fit the Charm to the Baby Tags can also be suspended for predefined time periods. (Minutes or hours). This aids with ward theatre transfers. Once the time has elapsed the tag can automatically reactivate.

Stable & Ultra-Safe Infrastructure

To have a baby tag is fine. However, you should consider what would happen if for example the network that it reports to fails? We’ve gone further by proudly developing a host of multiple safety features that will exceed the code of practice of most countries. Unlike most of our competitors, you’ll find that our system utilises server free local controllers to satisfy and even exceed international norms.

By utilising decentralised controllers, it also means that we have no single, central point of weakness in the system infrastructure – a fundamental consideration that IT managers, security managers and engineering consultants really appreciate when we’ve explained it to them. With our solution, in the event of a network or server failure, our system will continue working delivering peace of mind to staff and parents alike.

Advanced System Supervision – A Critically Important Feature

You can rest assured, that your system contains a wealth of comprehensive device and software supervision with ultra-robust event audit features. An example would be where an alarm in the event that that someone attempts to by-pass exit detection is made by placing a smartphone device against the infant tag. Furthermore, we also satisfy multiple international safety standards including TCE, FCC, IC – to ensure that there is no risk at all in respect of EMI interference to hospital equipment.

For Total Peace of Mind – Advanced Tamper Protection

Due to the international standards that we have to satisfy, we’ve incorporated tamper protection into almost all of our devices including tags, readers but vitally too – our local controllers since you wouldn’t thank us if someone were to tamper with one of the most important parts of your system and no alarm was raised.

Feature Spotlight
Designed for Long Lifecycle Use

Key Features

  • Infant Protection Charm

  • High-Risk Security Bracelet

  • Personal Safety Bracelet

  • Asset Tracking Tag

  • Lone Worker

  • Personnel Badge

  • Senior Fall Detection

  • Verifiable Newborn Identification

  • Baby/Infant Abduction Deterrence

  • 24/7 Infant Supervision & Tracking

  • Mother/Baby Matching

  • Baby Handling and Auditing

  • Exit/Entrance Supervision

Real Time Location Software – Map View

Key Features:
– Graphical view of staff and/or assets for your premises
This automatically updated electronic whiteboard, requires
no manual data entry
– Know at a glance the location of your staff and assets
– Search Box facility

Real Time Location Software – List View

Key Features:
– This automatically updated electronic whiteboard, requires
no manual data entry
– Know at a glance the location of your staff and assets
– Search Box facility
– Self Documenting – Zero Guesswork
– Eliminate wasted time search for colleagues and items

Real Time Location LF Beacon (Centrak-Elpas)

The LF Beacon is a wall or ceiling mountable low frequency emitter for use in indoor building environments. The device provides Elpas RTLS solutions with immediate location awareness that a tagged asset or person has passed through a protected doorway or a specific entrance/exit area.
The LF Beacon emits a programmable field up to 4.5m/ 14.7ft in radius and can be deployed in a primary–secondary configuration for covering double-doors or indoor lobby areas.

Real Time Location Elpas-RF-IP-Location-Reader (Centrak-Elpas)

The Elpas RF IP Reader is a fully supervised; 433.92MHz indoor, zone-level RTLS receiver that detects and relays ‘Location’ and ‘State’ data from Elpas Active RFID Tags to a host RTLS application server. Available in ceiling or wall mounted configurations, the Reader supports: XML messaging for hardware level integration and bi-directional data transmission with up to fifteen Elpas fixed infrastructure devices.

Real Time Location Beacon IR Reader (Centrak-Elpas)

The Elpas IR Reader is a fully supervised, indoor RTLS receiver that detects and relays ‘Room-Level Location’ and ‘Device State’ data from Elpas Active IR-Enabled RFID Tags to a host RTLS application server.
Available in Ethernet or RS-485 BUS configurations, the IR Reader supports: XML messaging technology for hardware level system integration and RTLS data transmission with up to fifteen Elpas fixed infrastructure devices.

Eiris Software (Centrak-Elpas)

Key Features:
– Alarming, Tracking, I/O, Access Control, CCTV
– Network Configuration, Reports
– Client/Server (Directed Alarms)
– Paging, SMS, Email Messaging, Dynamic Maps
– Arm/Disarm and Tag Activation
– Tag Matching and Escort, Synchronisation with Controllers
– SDK, Temperature Monitoring

Active RFID Tag – Nurse & Doctor Badges (Midmark)

Key Features:
– Designed with Safe & Efficient Healthcare Establishments
– These portable units transmit their location in real time to ceiling receivers
– The wearer’s ID can be affixed.
– An integral staff attack button is also included
– Long Life Batteries
– Low Battery Indication

Active RFID Tag – Lone Worker (Centrak-Elpas)

Key Features:
– Small unobtrusive mobile alarm units
– Fall detection, ripcord and button-push call options
– Long battery life, no charging needed
– Event location included in alert message
– Intelligent alert routing reduces response time
– Real time monitoring and logging
– Integrates with CCTV and access control

Active RFID Asset Tag (Midmark)

Key Features:
– By utilising small, lightweight tags affixed to assets, the vital location
of equipment is constantly updated in real time
– This information can be displayed on a PC with our software
– Unique identification number
– Message if battery is low
– Integrated motion sensor for longer battery life: Radio signal and infrared signal every 120 s when idle. Radio signal every 120 s, infrared signal every 3 s when moving

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