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Our Real-Time Locating Systems are used to Improve the Experience Between Caregivers and Patients



Finding your colleagues and tracking your assets in real times, saves cost, time and improves safety



Automatically monitor and capture staff presences in patient’s rooms will eliminate old fashioned manual practices, improve safety and drive efficiency

Maternity Wards

Maternity Wards

Baby tagging systems are vital for peace of mind for mothers but also your own maternity and security teams

Diverse Sectors

Diverse Sectors

Check out our real time suite of security options. These include staff attack badges, lone worker devices, cctv/access control integration and software and rules that guarantees a fast response

An introduction to Real Time Location Technology

Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) solutions are location driven types of technology used in many sectors from healthcare to retail and manufacturing. RTLS delivers precise indoor tracking. Our solution incorporates several technologies – active radiofrequency identification (RFID), infrared, low frequency RF and Bluetooth low energy (BLE).

Passive RFID identifies tagged staff and objects using radio waves sent from ceiling and wall mounted RFID readers. The information contained in a tag is then detected when in close proximity to the readers. In contrast to passive this RFID technology our latest RTLS technology is utilised in combination with active RFID to show an entity’s location in real-time. IR will fill the room and the tags will actively send a signal to show their location.

What are You Looking For? – Automatic Presence, Patient/Staff Location, Asset Tagging or Something Else?

At one end of the spectrum, your requirement could be as simple as providing automatic nurse presence where as a nurse enters a patient’s room, the appropriate ‘nurse present’ light illuminates and the patient call light then turns off. Upon exit, the overdoor light will change indicating that the caregiver is no longer present. No need to worry about forgetting to press buttons anymore…The system also keeps a log of all interactions between patients and staff available through our software.

Of course, this locating feature could be employed to simply locate your fellow colleagues on one of our ‘glance and go’ electronic whiteboards in say a corridor.

Or, you could be thinking of adding asset tagging – for the purposes of improving safety and lowering your inventory costs.

And there’s nothing stopping you from integrating the above solutions together or sometimes as part of your existing systems.

Whatever your needs are, you can be sure that we have a solution for you.

Key Features

  • Staff & patient location

  • Patient flow

  • Hand hygiene monitoring

  • Nurse call automation

  • Bed management

  • Integrated staff attack

  • Asset management

  • CCTV & access integration

  • Extensive software analysis tools

  • Automated worry free reminder prompts

  • Infection outbreak exposure control

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Product Range

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