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On-Site Pager Systems & Wide Area Solutions

Our Experience in this Field

We have been a specialist paging company for many years. We have sold our solutions into many sectors. We have deep seated experience in proving our clients with expert, bias free advice covering a large range of wide area pagers, scope on-site paging systems and of course a selection of paging accessories too.

Hospital Pagers

Care staff paging is typically employed by hospitals and nursing homes to communicate quickly and efficiently between staff throughout the premises. Our hospital range of pagers are often used in pharmacies, laboratories, emergency A & E rooms, admissions and radiology more departments besides as call waiting between patients or families. Our healthcare staff pagers help keep carers and doctors on schedule whilst and care staff remain in communication at all times.

Eliminating PA Systems

Paging and communication tools also help eliminate the requirement for PA systems. In doing so, they help maintain patient confidentiality.

Wide Area Pagers

Our wide area pagers and long range systems are cost-effective, reliable and easy to use. As a method of communication for individuals and businesses alike, these pagers will suit a wide range of requirements and budgets for your pager plans.

Scope On-Site Pagers

Scope On-site Paging is also available to cater for a wide range of requirements, either as simple plug-and-play configurations or sophisticated bespoke installations.

First Aid Call & Emergency Buttons

We also supply emergency wireless call buttons for applications where you are looking for your staff to feel safe whilst working.

Paging Systems for Restaurants

We have a good selection of Pagers and Paging Systems for the hospitality sector including restaurants, hotels and other similar sectors. Features such as understanding cue conditions (even for double cues, spatial cues) and analysing response times are commonly sought.

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No Need to Read Texts Anymore - Text to Voice Feature

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Lone Worker SOS-Mobile Emergency

Key Features:
– The SOS-Portal is a web-based, redundant and platform-independent emergency call system to enable simple event processing
– The SOS-Mobile Emergency Call Application increases security for lone workers at dangerous work stations
– In hazardous situations, the application automatically triggers an emergency call and sends out the employee’s positional data
– An acoustic alarm makes it easier to find the accident victim
– An emergency button can trigger an emergency call – escalated until emergency assistance measures are initiated

Lone Worker SOS-Desktop Software

Key Features:
– The SOS-Portal is a web-based, redundant and platform-independent emergency call system to enable simple event processing
– It offers the possibility of contacting your staff via SMS and receiving lone worker alarms so that processing the alarm in accordance with a predefined rescue process and of documenting it
– The SOS-Portal visualises the location of the accident victims. It shows the position of outdoor accident victims on a map (outdoor localisation)

Lone Worker SOS-Button & Gateway

Key Features:
– A silent alarm easily triggered with the SOS-Button. Transmitted by Bluetooth (BLE) to the corresponding SOS-Gateway, and from there to the SOS-Portal
– Easy-to-send silent alarm
– Appropriate and personalised for large numbers of users
– Simple to send event or position & quicker than calling or messaging
– Outstanding battery lifetime
– BLE as alternative communication channel to the mobile network

Lone Worker Alerting Pager TRIO

Key Features:
– Lone worker alarm device that detects emergency situations and independently submits an emergency call that includes the lone worker’s current position
– Audible alarm from the TRIO itself helps to locate the distressed person.
– If the lone worker is still capable, he/she can call for help on his/her own by pressing an emergency button.
– Life Check Function, Fall detection & Tilt detection are also included.
– Optionally, an emergency call will be escalated from the TRIO until someone responds to it and initiates rescue actions.

Alerting Pager sQUAD-Voice

Key Features:
– The s.QUAD Voice is robust, dust and waterproof and comfortable to wear
– The display can show an individual fixed text for each of the 64 addresses
– The fixed texts and the large voice memory system with a recording capacity of up to 16 minutes make it easier to process messages
– The s.QUAD Voice can be firmware updated to a digital paging receiver (POCSAG) or can work in both modes in parallel as a single device
– 64 addresses & 64 selection and switching profiles possible
– Multi-coloured alerting LED & Loud alerting (> 95 dB(A) in 30 cm)
– Connection to compatible devices via Bluetooth

Alerting Pager sQUAD-ATEX

Key Features:
– Designed for workers in dangerous, hazardous environments
– Also passive to radiation
– Compliance according to (Ex) II 2G Ex Ib IIC T4
– Outstanding reception performance with 2.5 μV/m at 1200 Bit/s
– 64 addresses (RICs) with four sub-addresses each
– Extremely robust (2-m drop test), dust and waterproof
– Alerting volume > 95 dB(A) at 30 cm distance

Alerting Pager s.QUAD X35

Key Features:
– The multi-coloured LED, volume and the option to play individual audio sounds for alerting round out the s.QUAD X35
– The s.QUAD pager is dust and waterproof
– 64 addresses (RICs) with four sub-addresses each
– Fully graphic greyscale display with high resolution
– Connection to compatible devices via Bluetooth

Alerting Pager Hurricane Duo

Key Features:
– Reads out alphanumeric messages for you.
– Also shows the message on the display.
– 64 addresses (RICs) with four sub-addresses each
– Loud alerting > 85 dB(A) in 30 cm
– Message memory for over 100 messages
– One-hand operation

Alerting Pager – s.PAGE x05

Key Features:
– Easy to Use
– Excellent reception
– Switching bandwidth programmable up to 10 MHz (Wide PLL)
– 8 addresses (RICs) with four sub-addresses each (32 individual addresses)
– Alerting volume > 95 dB(A) at 30 cm distance
– Fully graphic, high-resolution display for over 200 characters per page
– Extremely robust (2-m drop test)

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