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Pagers UK – We cater for all UK Sectors including Healthcare, Health and Safety, Inter Staff Communications and Restaurants



We have many contracts in the healthcare sector from hospitals to clinics

Health and Safety Applications

Health and Safety Applications

We help ensure that when there’s an accident, staff are responded to quickly with our emergency call buttons and auto lone worker man down alerts

For Security Staff

For Security Staff

For the security sector, we tend to provide long range wireless two way radios. For other business requirements, we’ll cater for ATEX



To locate where customers are seated, you can employ our table trackers location units. Or you can employ our guest / customer pagers to recall them when needed

Communication Systems

Whichever of the many industries in the United Kingdom that you work in, whenever you need to wear a pager, you can be sure that we’ve almost certainly got the one you’ll need. We have a wide range including pagers for delivery drivers, or maybe you work in the restaurant industry. Perhaps you’re a doctor or nurse or a factory worker?

Maybe you’re looking to use them indoors or perhaps it’s for outdoor use only.

Sometimes people require tracking solutions or maybe just the accessories such as chargers, wristbands, keyboards and chargers – all of which can further enhance the use of your pager. Sometimes people require waterproof versions, ATEX units or long range two way radios – especially in more hazardous working environments.
Staff paging solutions offer an immediate and reliable way of communicating across small and larger scale premises.

In the case of teachers for example, they could be contacted either as a group or individually. Instead of sending paper messages across the school, staff just send a quick message to the particular teacher’s pager. Very easily set up, a desk-mounted transmitter and keyboard will enable you to type in a bespoke message to contact colleagues carrying alphanumeric pagers. This then removes the issue of attempting to locate a class should it have moved room, for example.

Our paging systems can also work alongside fire alarm system, alerting teachers of false alarms and preventing the need for everyone to evacuate the building. On the other hand, in the case of a genuine fire alarm, your system can immediately alert teachers to the location of the hazard, enabling them to conduct a more efficient evacuation of students.

Features and options include SMS Buttons, SMS Passcodes, Lifeboat Pagers, SOS apps, PRGT monitoring, Bluetooth Pagers and Alarmservers.

Key Features

  • Kitchen Pagers

  • Lone Worker Alarms

  • Fire Alarm Paging

  • Wireless Staff Attack and Panic Alarms

  • Two Way Radios

  • ATEX Versions

  • Text to Speech Versions

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Product Range

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