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Dementia Monitoring Add On Alarms for Care Homes, Sheltered Housing & Private Hospitals

Our Solutions Will Typically Connect to Your Existing Nurse Call Systems

Our solutions are all designed to be simply added to your site without any fuss. They can also interface to existing nurse call and telecare systems. In essence, our products are designed to be seamlessly be added to your site in a discreet way. They are all simple to use and easy to install. Options exist to connect to pagers too so that care managers can be notified wherever they are in the building


Options also include door activity sensors which will notify staff of the door being opened and can also be disarmed by carers if it suits. When the door is closed, it can be rearmed. Door alarms for dementia patients area common request.

Motion Detectors

Our motion detectors can help by raising an alarm as soon as the user’s foot descends to the floor. A sensor can be positioned to detect them sitting up, existing the room, or perhaps entering a dangerous area. This is generally considered to be a much better solution to door / floor mats which can result in dangerous trip hazards.

Real Time Tracking Option

We also find that many care homes and specialist caring centres for the elderly are increasingly turning to our tracking solutions that assist carers by knowing where the residents are in real time. By wearing wrist bracelets, users can also press a simple button to call for assistance when required. An alert can be sent when approaching a particular door for example.

Feature Spotlight
Easy to Deploy Sensors

Key Features

  • Activity Monitoring

  • Fall Detection

  • Door Exit / Near Field Detection Alarms

  • Floor Pressure Mats

  • Bed Pressure Mats

  • Staff Attack Alarms for Carers

  • Distress Alarms for Residents

  • Management Reports

Wireless WC Alarm Unit with Strobe Light

Key Features:
– Battery operated – no dangerous electrical wiring or professional install
– Safe – system conforms to all safety and operational standards relating to disabled WC alarms
– Easy to set-up – can be installed in less than 10 minutes
– It Attaches to wall using supplied wall fixing brackets
– Alarm emits both audio and visual signal – adjustable volume and high intensity strobe LEDs to ensure you won’t miss an alert
– Reassurance LED lights to confirm operation to user

Wireless Call Portable Button

Key Features:
– Lightweight & Portable
– Simple to use
– Long Reach Transmission
– Colour – Clinic White
– Accepts non special, locally sourced battery
– Battery life: 8 – 12 months
– EMC Interference Feature

Wireless Call Button – Designed for External Use

Key Features:
– Attractive design with tough rugged build
– Waterproof
– Includes integral reset button
– Transmitting distance: Variables – 1500 meters (open space but varies)
– Colour – Clinic White
– Accepts non special, locally sourced battery
– Battery life: 8 – 12 months
– EMC Interference Feature

Watch Style Receiver for Fixed Wireless Call Button

Key Features:
– Lightweight & Comfortable
– Large screen
– Quick response, stable images, rich color, anti-seismic and knock.
– Content and text color could be defined by users
– Users can edit 16 English letters freely through the software
– Registration is fast and easy & Encryptable
– Super long standby time (about 10 days)
– Good quality and perfect allocation

Watch Style Pager – Waterproof

Key Features:
– Lightweight, Comfortable, Large screen & Waterproof
– Hand and PC programmable. USB id programmer
– PLL or crystal, 137-930Mhz, POCSAG or Flex
– Alert mode: Sound, vibrate, LED, Silent
– 4 or 8 line English display, 3 zoom mode (English)
– Out of range, low battery, repeat message, unread message indicator
– Menu select able, User choice special functions for themselves
– Second watch function & rechargeable Li-battery, PC or AC rechargeable

Bracelet Style Receiver for Fixed Wireless Call Buttons

Key Features:
– Lightweight & Comfortable
– Large Screen
– Prompt time and mode: 10-15 time length & vibration
– Transmitting distance: 120 meters in door
– Frequency: 433.92MHz, Colour: Black
– Call button capacity: 500, Two Call Buttons, Stored No Capacity: 10
– Accepts non special, locally sourced battery
– Display type: 3-5 digital adjustable (memory function)

Bed and Chair Sensor

Key Features:
– This (audible) bed and chair occupancy sensor detects the person leaving the bed or chair and raises an audible alarm on a monitor
– If user returns to the bed/chair, the alarm will reset automatically highlighting the person is safe
– The alarm automatically arm when the patent gets into the bed or chair
– Monitor displays a steady flashing light when patient is in the bed or chair
– Alarm is cancelled at source

Bed Alarm for Cordless Pads

Key Features:
– Acts as a room controller unit for management of up to 9 beds or sensor devices in your premises
– Has a pause function allowing the caregiver to change sheets / make the bed with no alarm activation

It accepts wireless nursecall / emergency alarm from a patient transmitter (with a wristband) and acts a room controller for door security with a wireless door contact

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