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Offices & Retail Environments

Offices & Retail Environments

Typically we supply simple panic alarm lockdown systems

Schools & Universities

Schools & Universities

In the case of schools and universities, we are often engaged for our Zetsafe audible school lockdown system. It boasts an impressive and unique set of features that together deliver unmatched security for an application that deserves the utmost of care and consideration



Factories and other industrial sites often request lone worker systems

Public Buildings

Public Buildings

These sometimes require more sophisticated systems that can include duress alarms, security alerting communications and lone working solutions combined

Typical Design Requirements for Offices, Manufacturing, Education & the Public Sector

Two Types of Duress Alarm

We should break down the requests that we receive into a number of areas. To begin with, one category would be for a gym or swimming pool alarm – often in schools and universities. In these cases, it’s not because they are typically expecting acts violence or similar behaviour but because in the main part they are simply looking for a health and safety driven need for a common distress alarm. This will typically be in the form of a red wall mounted mushroom push button. Sometimes, the plate will be made of stainless steel to make it impact resistant. These units would typically be reset by adding an integral key switch.

In cases where is sometimes a slightly risk of deliberate provocation – for example in certain types of housing association where drug misuse could be an issue, we are also asked for ceiling mounted staff attack receivers that work in conjunction with portable triggers. In times of need, a user can simply press their button and raise a call for assistance.

Zetsafe School Alarm Audible Lockdown Systems for the UK

Our system combines various features that used together represent probably the safety audible school lockdown system in the UK today. These facilities include emergency broadcast, inter staff communication, event listening, real time staff location, tracking, user ID and staff attack module options amongst many others.

Ultimately, it helps reduce the complexity of emergency communications by informing staff, students and visitors of serious situations for everyone and also acts as an invaluable tool for day to day school activities and inter staff communication. With the Zetsafe school lockdown ‘invac’ system, school and university administrators will have the peace of mind that their site is ready and prepared to deal with any imminent threat during a crisis situation.

Key Advantages:
Intuitive colour coded screens – to alert staff to the school lockdown status visually
Global announcements – i.e. informing students to return to their classrooms
Wing staff to staff announcements – for building zones
Unit to unit communication – i.e. between classrooms
Presence mode communication – i.e. communicate to specific members of staff who have registered their presence via RFID within a classroom
Discreet listening-in mode – i.e. in the case of an intruder event within a room
Staff Location & tracking – by employing high security RFID technology
Duress, staff attack options – either fixed wall mounted push buttons or discreet portable staff attack devices
Several levels of alarm – to suit your needs
Class change facility – two systems in one
Pre-recorded messages – you choose
Dedicated Zetsafe network with independent segments – for system integrity
Robust build quality – to withstand tough environments
Call logging – incident report capabilities
Graphical display options – for instant visual event awareness
Text to speech paging options – for an instant situational understanding
Optional audible/visual extension options – for remote areas
Man down extension options – for lone workers
Disabled WC toilet alarm extension options – future proofing your needs
Security integration – includes CCTV, paging, mobile, access control and more

Keeping it Low Profile

In almost all cases, it’s prudent to choose a system where the call can be raised discreetly. This is so as not to potentially raise the level of tension in the room – which could make things much worse of course. For this reason, portable triggers with at least two levels of alarm – assistance and attack are often chosen by our clients, principally because they are worn on one’s belt and can be discreetly and quickly activated.

Right Location

Being able to activate the call wherever you are in the room is also an important factor. Portable units also mean that it doesn’t matter where you are in the room. Sometimes it’s a good idea to add an under the desk double push panic alarm button too.

Panic Alarms for Businesses

Business often request wireless house alarm panic buttons – especially in receptions where interfering with décor is problematic and costly. In the case of panic alarms for offices, we are often requested for systems that combine panic alarms and WC pull cord and rest units in WCs – all reporting to a central display.

Protecting Lone Workers in Industry

Did you know that although manufacturing accounts for about 10% of the British workforce, it accounts for almost 20% fatalities to employees and reported injuries to employees. This is simply a function of the higher everyday risks that workers face in these often harsher environments. For this reason, you should seriously consider the purchase of our portable lone worker emergency call transmitters. An integral tilt switch / pull cord enable automatic alarming when the member of staff is knocked down for example or even if the unit is taken by force. Personnel can also optionally use the transmitter’s two emergency call buttons located on either side of the unit if required for manual wireless duress alerting.

Letting your Colleagues Know You Need Help

Raising a call is only the first step but how you alert your colleagues is also important. Commonly, our alarms return to a fixed location display with optional software, sometimes with a map to identify peoples location. However, for an even faster response, you chose consider adding a buzzer pager system too so that colleagues can receive and respond to calls promptly and wherever they are. Sometimes, it also makes good design sense to add alarm sounders and over door lights too – for immediate notification to colleagues in the vicinity that someone needs assistance.

Key Features

  • Fixed Duress Alarm Points

  • Portable Wireless Panic Alarm Triggers

  • Fixed Wireless Panic Buttons

  • WC Toilet Alarm Extensions

  • Call Logging

  • Zetsafe Integrity Network

  • Graphical Display Incident Management Packages

  • Zero Calls Lost Promise

  • Easy to Use

  • Large Displays with Colour Coded Calls (i.e Red for Emergency)

  • Super Safe WC Pull Cords

  • Lone Worker Transmitters

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